The Power of Crystals in Interior Design

Crystals in Interior Design

The unique and beautiful appearance of crystals lend well to decorating the home. However, many also believe them to have a deeper meaning to promote positive energy and increase Feng Shui. A stunning piece of art that formed completely naturally in the ground for years has got to be special in some way. Crystals in interior design are also a huge trend for 2018 and beyond, and discovering the meanings behind them can help to make a timeless decision.

Crystals in Interior Design

When selecting a crystal decoration for the home, rather than getting too distracted by the meaning, simply notice pieces which you are attracted to. Each crystal is considered to have different restorative energies as well as looking pretty sitting on your coffee table, so it is interesting to know the atmosphere the crystal is creating. For example, you may wish to use a calming stone in the bedroom, yet promote energy in a living area.

Create Confidence

Malachite with its rich green colour instantly transforms an area and captures the viewer with its dynamic linear design. Lift spirits in the room and absorb negative energy with the strength properties of malachite. Just like its bold colour, it promotes confidence and a feeling of prosperity.


Spread Calm

Not only are the opulent purple hues of the amethyst absolutely captivating, but it has many calming benefits. Use amethyst gems to relieve stress, clear the mind and spread tranquillity. Being the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018, this ultra violet hue is perfect as an accent colour to strike a creative note in any interior.

Crystals in Interior Design

Promote Energy

Beautiful and simple clear quartz was thought by the Ancient Romans to be solidified ice. Known as the stone of power, clear quartz is thought to amplify any energy or purpose. It protects against negativity and improves thought processes.

Crystals in Interior Design

The clear quartz is the most versatile for styling within interiors, as its neutral colour simply adds interest and texture. Use this stone to elevate some simple objects such as books, or on a coffee table within an already colourful interior.

Crystals in Interior Design

Increase Communication

Azurite, with its striking blue appearance, brings clear understandings and new perspectives. It is believed to restore balance and control over emotions. Use it to create more effective communication between the mind and body as well as with others in the home. Use this intense yet elegant blue as an accent in any interior to balance warm colours.

Crystals in Interior Design

Encourage Stability

The fascinating swirling patterned agate comes in many colours and proportions. Distinguished by its striking bands of natural contrasting colours, the agate stone makes a statement in an interior while having a tranquil appearance. Generally, agate stimulates strength, inner stability and self-confidence. Use it to centre energy within a room with its warm, protective properties.

Crystals in Interior Design

Whether or not the meanings of crystals spark your interest, there is no doubting the beauty of these stones and the attention they capture in an interior.

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