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The key to beautiful window treatments is working with the individual window style, which is why bespoke window dressing makes the world of difference to a space. London Essentials offers curtain services and bespoke window treatments, from Roman and roller blinds to a range of curtain designs. London Essentials’ skilled seamstresses work with any fabric, incorporating beautiful craftsmanship into every piece to ensure perfect drape.

This guide showcases a range of popular styles but London Essentials window treatments are not limited to these. Get in touch to discuss your requirements, style and budget to find the ideal option for your space.

Curtain Pleat Designs

An overview of the curtain pleat designs available at London Essentials.

London Essentials Curtain Pleat Designs

French Pinch Pleat

This classic curtain design gives a full appearance. Select from a single, double or triple pleat.  This is perfect for large window areas and bay windows.

London Essentials - French Pinch Pleat Curtains

Sail Pleat

A simple heading with little ripple. This is the most popular pleat due to using less fabric, yet giving an elegant finish to any style window.

London Essentials Sail Pleat Curtain Designs

Tailored Pleat

This classic heading gives the fabric a full appearance while creating a beautifully draped fabric. Select from double fold or triple pleat to suit the window style.

London Essentials - Tailored Pleat Curtains

Goblet Pleat

The goblet pleat adds a decorative and elegant touch to the heading of the curtain, producing full pleats.

London Essentials Goblet Pleat Curtain Designs

Wave Pleat

This modern heading creates a luxurious boutique style due to the uniform pleats. It is created using a wave track system and is best used for larger areas or to decorate a wall.

London Essentials Wave Pleat Curtain Designs

Eyelet Pleat

This contemporary style incorporates a large or small eyelet, which creates the pleat when hung. This is a popular heading, particularly in a minimal scheme.

London Essentials - Eyelet Pleat Curtains


A beautiful way to encase the top of curtains or blinds, particularly when a track or mechanical system is used.

London Essentials - Curtain Pelmets

Roman Blinds

A simple way to add warmth to a window, it can be installed inside or outside of the window frame.
The look can be easily altered by the type of fabric used; sheer Romans will provide privacy and blackout Romans add screening from light.

London Essentials - Roman Blinds

Roller Blinds

These contemporary blinds create a dynamic and sleek finish to any window., which can be hand or electronic operated.
Like Roman blinds, they can be either sheer or blackout depending on your requirements.

London Essentials - Roller Blinds

Tie Backs

Particularly for heavier drapes, a tie back is a beautiful way to accessorise curtains and draw them to the side giving a luxurious look. The ties can be very simple or with large embellishments.

London Essentials Tie Backs

Get in touch with London Essentials to discuss your requirements, style and budget to find the ideal option for your space.