7 Tips for Bedside Table Styling

Bedside Table Styling

Being the first thing you see as you wake up and the last before you go to sleep, the bedside table should be an inspiring thing to behold. All too often a bedside table gets cluttered by books, alarm clocks and glasses of water. Here are a few tips to keep your bedside table styling practical yet perfect.


Stay Organised With a Tray


Nothing pulls together a styled vignette like a tray because it instantly transforms disordered ornaments into a pulled-together display. Use a tray to bring a bit of pattern, texture or metallic to your table like this Donna Brass Tray. In addition, add varying heights and sizes of both pretty and practical objects to create interest.


Keep it Personal


Frame favourite photos of loved ones to display and have as a happy daily reminder. Similarly, a small souvenir from a holiday or special occasion achieves the same appreciation. Just keep it small and stick to one or two to avoid cluttering.

Bedside Table Styling


Remember the Wall


Hanging a piece of framed artwork to the wall space above your bedside table is an ideal way to add decoration to the table while keeping the surface clear. Alternatively, a mirror is a great way to open up the space.

Bedside Table Styling

Bedside Table Styling


Balance it out


Match the big ticket items on each side of the bed, such as the lighting and tables, to keep the room balanced and pleasing to the eye. While not everything needs to be symmetrical, try keeping a similar colour scheme and equivalent heights. Get the look below with the Cage L Antique Brass Lamp.

Bedside Table Styling


Freshen it up


Switch up your bedside table styling every week or so with some flowers or greenery. As well as improving oxygen in the room, plants add a fresh and renewed touch to your side table. Choose a stylish planter or vase to match the rest of your interior scheme.

Bedside Table Styling


Simplicity and Practicality


Create a beautiful display on your side table while leaving space for the essentials. Keep to the bare minimum and display your most decorative water glass, book and hand cream. If you struggle with keeping your surface clutter free, select a side table with drawers for all your needs such as the elegant Castine Bedside Table.

Bedside Table Styling


Turn your Bedroom into a Sanctuary


There is nothing more relaxing than candlelight. Turn your bedroom into a tranquil haven with a calming atmosphere with a beautiful candleholder. Browse our range to find your perfect tealight, candleholder or lantern.

Putting a little extra thought into styling your bedside table makes an impact on the design of your bedroom but also helps you have a relaxed night’s sleep with all the essentials at hand.

Bedside Table Styling

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